Meet some of the newest Verified Travel Advisor graduates! 

Holding the ASTA Verified Travel Advisor® certification lets the world know that they have met the criteria for industry knowledge, professionalism, and ethics.  These individuals show an elite level of trust and integrity. Congratulations to all our VTA graduates.

VTA Graduates

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 Plugged In EventsPlugged In Events9/16/2021900301705
Nancy Marks, VTANancy Marks, VTAHelp Me Plan My Travel9/16/2021900277292
Mr. Alvin Adriano, ACC, CTIE, VTAMr. Alvin Adriano, ACC, CTIE, VTATravelwise International9/10/2021900236163
 Rachel Cox, VTALive Life Travel9/10/2021900299745
Crystal Teter, VTA, CTA, CCCCrystal Teter, VTA, CTA, CCCGo See Travel LLC9/9/2021900261085
 Ms. Beth Rowan, VTATapestry Travel9/6/2021900290763
Ms. Christine Jansen, CTA, VTAMs. Christine Jansen, CTA, VTAHeart of the Valley Travel, Inc.9/6/2021900224144
Marianne Deiulio, VTAMarianne Deiulio, VTAJust Travelin'9/4/2021900292870
 Julie Schear, VTACruise Planners9/3/2021900271862
Mrs. Angie Wheeler, VTAMrs. Angie Wheeler, VTAVacations By Angie9/1/2021900278823
Mrs. Colleen Gillette, VTAMrs. Colleen Gillette, VTANew Paltz Travel Center9/1/2021900017319
 Jennifer Haggerty, VTACleveland Circle Travel9/1/2021900300553
Suzy Gustafson, VTASuzy Gustafson, VTASG TravelTwo Inc.8/31/2021900246610
 Meg Kan, VTAMK Travel8/30/2021900296163
Tom Davenport, VTATom Davenport, VTACruise Planners8/30/2021900293476
Mrs. Mona Stephenson, VTAMrs. Mona Stephenson, VTATravelmakers8/29/2021900288230
Jennifer Shanks, VTAJennifer Shanks, VTAFamily Adventures Await8/25/2021900282421
 Tara Hudgens, VTAElevations Travel8/25/2021900294169
Mrs. Karen Dell, VTAMrs. Karen Dell, VTADell Adventures Travel Agency8/25/2021900294838
Susan Lukrich, ECC, VTASusan Lukrich, ECC, VTALuxe Sojourns LLC8/25/2021900269349
Troy Montenery, VTATroy Montenery, VTAMGA Travel8/20/2021900272839
Jodie Robichaud, VTAJodie Robichaud, VTAHappy Travels8/20/2021900149820
 Cathy Connolly, VTAConnollyTravelDesign8/20/2021900286416
Mona Faison TAE ACM MCC ECC LCS, VTAMona Faison TAE ACM MCC ECC LCS, VTAM&G Getaway Travels Inc.8/15/2021900269020
 Ann Sterman, VTACruise Planners8/11/2021900289789
Kristie Catchings, VTAKristie Catchings, VTAKristieLen Travel, LLC8/9/2021900287574
Patty DeRoo, VTAPatty DeRoo, VTACrystal Lake Travel8/9/2021900234207
Mr. David Johnson, CTA, VTAMr. David Johnson, CTA, VTATravel Yetis by Dream Vacations8/9/2021900292695
Erin Smith, VTAErin Smith, VTACultivating Connections Travel Planners8/9/2021900272410
Linda Gage-White, CTA, MCC, VTALinda Gage-White, CTA, MCC, VTAMy Cruise Travel Agent LLC8/9/2021900236470
Tillie James, VTATillie James, VTATillie James Travel8/3/2021900271370
Janet Clarke, CTA VTAJanet Clarke, CTA VTAIt's a Snap Vacations8/3/2021900246845
Charity Peaver, CTA, VTACharity Peaver, CTA, VTAEsprit Errant Travel8/2/2021900291037
Mr. Michael Graham, VTA, CTIE, ACCMr. Michael Graham, VTA, CTIE, ACCMGA Travel8/2/2021900227414
Mr. Michael Robbe, VTAMr. Michael Robbe, VTASea & Sun Travel Agency8/2/2021900300165
Ronda Pergola, VTARonda Pergola, VTABermudaful Travel & Beyond8/2/2021900280859
Traci Michelle Kiosterud, VTA, ACCTraci Michelle Kiosterud, VTA, ACCTen Palms Travel8/2/2021900259960
Ms. Cassandra Marcella Metzger, VTAMs. Cassandra Marcella Metzger, VTAPremier Wellness Travel7/30/2021900280164
Ashley De La Garza, VTAAshley De La Garza, VTAThree Treasures Travel7/28/2021900294649
Laura Gribben, CTA, VTA, ACCLaura Gribben, CTA, VTA, ACCLG Custom Travel7/27/2021900247347
Kelly Monroe, VTAKelly Monroe, VTAIn The Magic Travel7/27/2021900292300
 Karina Conway, VTAKlassic Travel Services7/26/2021900254564
Lauren Quirk, VTALauren Quirk, VTATravel With Character LLC7/26/2021900292107
Joshua Gauthier, VTAJoshua Gauthier, VTACruise Planners / Gauthier Travel LLC7/26/2021900295829
Lisa Paine, VTALisa Paine, VTAHighlight Travels, LLC7/16/2021900279520
Ms. Sheila T. Ward-Shaw, DS, VTAMs. Sheila T. Ward-Shaw, DS, VTASheila's Creations Travel7/13/2021900187474
Jo-Ann Moss, ECC, VTAJo-Ann Moss, ECC, VTACruise Planners7/7/2021900241819
Debra Thune, VTADebra Thune, VTACruise Planners - Journey Wizards7/6/2021900286281
Reilly Scott, VTAReilly Scott, VTAAccent on Travel6/29/2021900295809
Roberta Galati, ECC,VTARoberta Galati, ECC,VTACruise and Tour Masters LLC6/28/2021900285386
 Mrs. Nicole Donoway, VTADestinations By Donoway6/28/2021900298742
Sherylon Brown, VTASherylon Brown, VTAIva Mae's Adventures6/25/2021900298085
Sonia Bhagwan, VTASonia Bhagwan, VTADream Vacations by Sonia Bhagwan6/24/2021900292581
Valerie Edman, VTAValerie Edman, VTACultured Travel LLC6/22/2021900293355
Lori Blue, VTALori Blue, VTAOut of The Blue Travel6/22/2021900255852
 Lolette Anderson, VTALA Travel Pro6/17/2021900297316
Sarah Johnson, IC, VTASarah Johnson, IC, VTAPaper, Ink, & Passports Travel, LLC an independent affiliate of Largay Travel6/17/2021900282126
Sean Mallory, VTASean Mallory, VTAReunited Tribes LLC6/14/2021900297732
Kristie Keller, VTAKristie Keller, VTAAddicted to Adventures LLC6/14/2021900290156
Danielle Dybiec, VTADanielle Dybiec, VTANine Muses Travel6/14/2021900269998
Tracey Teuber, VTATracey Teuber, VTAUnraveled Travel6/14/2021900284083
Kimberly Nagowski, VTAKimberly Nagowski, VTATravel With Panache LLC6/11/2021900290651
Mr. Charles Russell, VTAMr. Charles Russell, VTACruise Planners - C. T. "Russ" Russell6/7/2021900290944
 Christy-Ann Munsey, VTAVacation Superstore Network, Inc.6/7/2021900297579
Mr. Naser Rezqalla, PhD, VTAMr. Naser Rezqalla, PhD, VTAAl Qasr Travel & Tourism Co.6/3/2021900143237
Emily Arean, VTAEmily Arean, VTASoleste Travel6/3/2021900264770
 Synita Mcclary, VTASamy Travel6/2/2021900289752
 Sharla Shaffer-Kennedy, VTABoheme Travels6/1/2021900288014
 Mrs. Lisa C. Deal, CTA, VTADeal Travel and Cruises LLC6/1/2021031264007
 Mary Crider, VTAWander Land and Cruise6/1/2021900257551
 Crystal Polite, VTARoss Polite Travels6/1/2021900267893
 Sara Ortiz, VTANational Travel6/1/2021900294385
Ms. Rosemary Schlesier, VTAMs. Rosemary Schlesier, VTAOcean Mist Vacations LLC6/1/2021900268681
Terri Kunau, VTATerri Kunau, VTATK Travel Adventures5/27/2021900289434
 Tracey McGoughy, VTACarib Compass Travel & Wellness5/26/2021900288241
 Miriam Wolf, VTACruise Planners5/24/2021900290098
Carolyn Olk, VTACarolyn Olk, VTAAmber Roads Travel5/24/2021900270654
 Mr. Bryan Swain, VTABryan Swain - Dream Vacations5/24/2021900282693
Mrs. Eugenia Chinsman, VTAMrs. Eugenia Chinsman, VTAManstravel5/21/2021900259578
Robin Norell, VTA, ACC, CTARobin Norell, VTA, ACC, CTAMillbrook World Travel5/20/2021900282624
 Mrs. Lisa Mayo, VTAVacation Superstore Network, Inc.5/19/2021900297580
Faith Scupin, VTAFaith Scupin, VTALittle Palm Travel5/18/2021900258847
Carmen L. WilliamsCarmen L. WilliamsWill C Travels, LLC5/17/2021900294753
Angela Hughes, VTAAngela Hughes, VTAAll Around Travel5/17/2021900287910
 Susan Sherren, VTACouture Global Trips, LLC5/14/2021900274126
Michelle Shumate, VTAMichelle Shumate, VTAFairy Godmother Travel5/12/2021900294077
 Michele Haggerty, VTAMayfair Travel5/11/2021900253516
 Mrs. JoAnn C. Mute Paez, CTC, ACC, VTAGOGO Vacations Groups5/10/2021900267841
 Michelle Cooper, VTANia Travel & Tours, LLC5/10/2021900247232
Fredi Helton, CTC, CTIE, VTAFredi Helton, CTC, CTIE, VTADallas Travel5/5/2021900289082
Christine MacMillan, VTAChristine MacMillan, VTAMacMillan Travel Design LLC5/5/2021900284614
Fernando B. Grijalva, VTAFernando B. Grijalva, VTAMartsam Travel5/5/2021900282825
Kathy Takushi, VTAKathy Takushi, VTACaptivating Journeys5/5/2021900183428
Ms. Deborah Shah, MBA, MCC, CTA, VTAMs. Deborah Shah, MBA, MCC, CTA, VTACruise Planners5/5/2021900278846
 Barbara Walter, VTAWalter World Travel LLC4/30/2021900282745
Mrs. Diana Buser, VTAMrs. Diana Buser, VTACruise Planners My Dream Adventure4/30/2021900267958
Ms. Allyson H. Sicard, VTA, CTAMs. Allyson H. Sicard, VTA, CTAScenic Connections, LLC4/30/2021900289884
Marjorie Fort-dees, VTAMarjorie Fort-dees, VTABlack Soul Rhythms Travel4/29/2021900268732
Marjorie Fort-dees, VTAMarjorie Fort-dees, VTABlack Soul Rhythms Travel4/29/2021900268732
 Marie Holguin, VTAArray Travel4/29/2021900297824

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