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Ms. Katie MacQueen, VTA
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Accessible/Special Needs, Adventure Travel, Amusement/Theme Parks, Art & Culture/Music, Cruising - River, Cruising/Cruise Lines, Customized Travel, Disney, Educational, Genealogy, Historical, Honeymoon, Leisure Travel, Luxury Travel, Solo Travel
Destination Specialization
Antarctica/Arctic Region, Asia - China, Japan, Korea Mongolia, Asia - Southeast Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Central America, Europe - Eastern, Europe - Northern, Europe - Western, Latin America & Mexico, South America, U.S. - Florida
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ASTA Certification
I help busy people plan incredible adventures all over the world.
About me
I think travel, particularly foreign travel, is critical to understanding the world around you and where you fit into the global neighborhood. I spent 4 years in the US Army, and in that 4 years I lived in Hawai'i, Kuwait, Iraq, Washington DC, and Missouri, and wow, are those some new cultures for someone from northwest New Jersey. Primarily, though, I met people who are, when you get down to it, the same as me. We have different skin, and hair, and ways of cooking beef (or not cooking it at all), and most especially different experiences. When I visit a place, it's to get to know the culture. See the tropes, certainly- Michelangelo’s dome shouldn't be missed- but get off those paths and meet some locals. Ride some camels (Israel). Eat a cantaloupe the size of a rugby ball (Iraq). Have a conversation with a Swiss Guard in three languages (Vatican City). These are the experiences I like to create for my clients. I specialize in UNESCO World Heritage sites because they're the history of human culture. They're why we are who we are, why we travel to foreign lands, and the basis for how we interact with each other. Being a good neighbor is knowing what makes each of us unique and celebrating that uniqueness.

And then there's Disney. If I left my heart in Venice, I left my stomach at Walt Disney World. I go at least twice every year, and I can't get enough. Anyone who says Disney is for kids isn't doing it right! I mean, not only are there outstanding bars and lounges (I'm looking at you, Nomad...) but the attention to detail in all things is a Disney hallmark. I don't mean only the attractions. Disney pays attention to everything. You're whisked from the airport in free transport, and you don't have to worry about another thing until your plane lands back home. Disney customer service is unparalleled, and it shows.

Where do you want to go? Who do you want to learn? What do you want to see? Let me take you there!
Why I love my job
I love being in charge of my own self, I love sending people on incredible adventures, and I LOVE learning new places and cultures.
Favorite Destinations
I left my heart in Venice last year. My stomach is at Disney World, though.
About my most memorable vacation
My moms and my partner on a week-long trip to Rome, Vatican City, and Venice. I've never seen my mother eat so much carbonara, ever, and I've never seen my boyfriend so excited about octopus. More than that, though, my mom made friends with a pigeon in Piazza San Marco, and I had a dog friend at the Colosseo for the whole day.



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