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Adventure Travel, Barge/Canal/River Cruises, Beach Vacations, Cruising - River, Culinary/Cooking/Gastronomy, Customized Travel, Destination Weddings, Honeymoon, Leisure Travel, Lifestyle/Family/Specialty, Meeting/Events, Wellness/Spa/Fitness, Women's Travel
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Australia/New Zealand, England - United Kingdom, Europe - Northern, France, Greece, Italy, Pacific Islands - Tahiti, Fiji, Bali, etc., Spain, U.S. - Alaska
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ASTA Certification
Round the World Traveler who wants to help others discover just how easy it is to pack a bag and go to that bucket list destination!
About me
With an extensive background in planning weddings, conferences and group events, I've been able to marry my expertise with my love of travel. My goal is to make what can be a stressful process as easy as possible so that you can be in the moment and enjoy the experience.

Mid-career in the hospitality business, I took a sabbatical to travel around the world where I was able to live like a local in over 25 countries. My commitment to you is to help you take a meaningful mini-break to recharge so you can take on the world.
Why I love my job
That great big smile on my client's face when they've returned from their dream vacation is why I love my job!

I have always enjoyed helping people - and making it easy for others to travel is a dream job!
Favorite Destinations
Alaska is my new top travel love affair in a long list of favorites! The wide-open country, the friendliest people, and the unforgettable once in a lifetime experiences are great reasons why. Alaska isn't just a cruise destination, it's the perfect destination for a travel by land adventure where you can experience the Northern Lights, the prevalent wildlife, and scenery to take your breath away!

New Zealand is a magical country - very welcoming and open to all. Their sense of humor can be seen everywhere! When a busload of travelers checked into a hotel together - they miraculously recalled the names of each and every traveler from that point on! You immediately feel like a part of the family.

Nepal was another amazing destination in that you knew you weren't close to home. Living in Kathmandu for 3 weeks, forced me to slow down to really experience the charm of the city. I fell in love with this beautiful destination and has me really wanting to get back there.
About my most memorable vacation
I spent 7 months traveling solo around the world to over 25 destinations.! It pushed me to learn how to problem-solve for myself, by myself. I enjoyed learning about the wines of the world, and also about the different religions.

The happiest people in the world I met were in Tibet - who by all accounts appeared to have the least from my privileged perspective. I learned to be open to happiness where ever I was.



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Reviewed on Monday, August 31, 2020 10:03:33 PM
By on Aug 31, 2020
Working with Liz changed our travel planning mentality forever. We will never plan a trip without her ever again! She took the time to listen to our dreams and not only bring them to life, but blow our minds by exceeding our expectations at every turn on the trip. She introduced us to locations we never would have found on our own and helped us to experience a level of luxury we only dreamed of while staying within our desired budget range for our special anniversary trip. We cannot say enough about her dedication and professionalism, as well as her just being an overall lovely easy to work with, no matter how difficult we were along the way. We are incredibly grateful for her and recommend her to everyone we know.

Reviewed on Sunday, January 17, 2021 2:19:18 PM
By on Jan 17, 2021
If you_`re looking for someone who can help you set up the perfect trip, someone who is diligent with all the details, then Liz is your agent. She_`s an experienced traveler and has an extensive career of understanding and organizing for her customers. I booked with Liz recently for a trip to Costa Rica and everything was organized and communicated perfectly. In these COVID-times, I was looking for the reassurance that someone like Liz could bring to help me navigate all of the new checks and restrictions that are required. Everything went seamlessly, and I traveled with much more assurance than I would have if I had tried to attempt it on my own.

Reviewed on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 8:35:17 PM
By on Feb 23, 2021
My amazing vacation was designed by Liz Walton. I traveled to France to meet my daughter who was studying abroad. This was the very my first time I had relied on an agent to plan my trip. Without a doubt it was one of the best choices that I ever made. With my uncle and yet another daughter in tow, Liz was attentive to the needs and interests of all in my party. She provided concise relevant information and advice about prioritizing excursions. I was able to have a clear itinerary that made my vacation flow seamlessly. Even when there was a glitch, due to an unexpected climber at the Eiffel Tower which caused a cancellation of our tour, she was right there to offer guidance and help reschedule knowing how to fit it in the itinerary. I was so pleased with the insight and guidance that Liz provided as I planned two more trips – one to Scotland and one to Spain. Unfortunately, due to Covid, both trips are on hold however, having Liz on my side to deal with cancellations with airlines, hotels and excursion bookings has been well worth the value. I highly recommend using Liz Walton to make your vacation seamless and memorable.