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Pamela Wittmann, VTA
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Travel Specialization
Cruising - River, Cruising/Cruise Lines, Customized Travel, Disney, Family/Multi-generational, Luxury Travel
Destination Specialization
Australia/New Zealand, Caribbean, Europe - Northern, Europe - Western, Greece, Italy, U.S. - Alaska, U.S. - Florida, U.S. - Northeast, U.S. - Southeast
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ASTA Certification
Love The Journey
About me
Have you ever ventured into the great unknown_ Like an alleyway in The Rocks area of Sydney_ Or a laneway in the city center of Melbourne_ What about any fjord in a country that you’re just starting to get to know_ Finally, how about the process to get your first passport_

All of these unknowns (which could go on and on and . . . ) are what drives our wanderlust for new experiences in far away places or cities next door. If you’ve ventured one foot outside of your comfort zone, you know that change happens. You start living in the moment and your senses take it all in. And when you return, you’re not the same as when you left.

Let me help you find your next adventure that will change the world for you.
Why I love my job

Always have, always will. Yep, I was that nerdy kid that researched every vacation I ever took. Maybe it was what is now called FOMO (fear of missing out), but I knew that money didn’t grow on trees, and to spend it foolishly was not an option. And so began my travel planning passion.

Yes, it’s a passion. Being able to understand the culture of faraway places, finding out what the locals eat and where, and making the most of our time there is what fuels my passion. Let me share that passion with you— to assist you in making your dream trip a reality. (And for probably less than you think. I have contacts and resources at my fingertips, just waiting for your ideas.)
Favorite Destinations
My favorite destinations are all outside the US, except for one: Walt Disney World

European Food & Wine: Italy, Germany, Amsterdam, Austria

Australia and New Zealand: sights, sounds, food, wine and nothing else like it on the planet
About my most memorable vacation
I work hard so I can play hard--- making each vacation memorable in one way or another.

10th Anniversary Trip around the coast of Italy -- food and small city centers

Bucket List 2018-19 Australia and New Zealand -- taking in the sights of Wellington just as my grandfather had in 1944 before heading into the theatre of war as a Marine in WWII

British Isles and Baltic Adventures, including St. Petersburg, Russia -- walking in the evening personal tour onto the building campus where the Akula Class Submarines (code name Typhoon by Nato) were designed (after having a shot of Russian vodka at a dive bar)

Joining distant family in Germany at their little town's Octoberfest, drinking local beer and wine under a tent while listening to the local band, and signing (in German) at the top of our lungs as we walked back to the family home.

The list could go on . . .



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