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Shannon Marie Pyles, VTA
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PO Box 40
Grand Ronde, OR 97347-0040


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Travel Specialization
Airline, Business Travel, Family/Multi-generational, Religious/Faith/Spiritual, Voluntourism
Destination Specialization
Asia - China, Japan, Korea Mongolia, Europe - Western, U.S. - West
Languages Known
English, Japanese
ASTA Certification
Humanitarian. International. Leisure.
About me
Hi Everyone!
I have been a travel consultant since January of 2018, and I absolutely love it. I've tried a menagerie of professions in my lifetime. I started off as a waitress, then became a truck driver after high school. I owned and operated my own trucking company for about four years, then became a Bank Teller, then an Administrative Assistant, then a Transporter at our local hospital. Lastly, I've tried being a Travel Consultant and it was a fit!
I have specialist certifications for Norway, Japan, and South Korea. I have been to all three of these countries and they are so worth visiting!
While our agency is a full service agency, we specialize in Humanitarian Travel, and hence, I am proficient with booking flights to even remote destinations!
I hope we get to meet soon! I would love to help you find your dream trip!
Why I love my job
First off, I have a wonderful team to support and back me with wisdom and advice.
Second, I love doing research. I can be creative and take the dreams of trips that people tell me and put them together into something real for them to experience.
My favorite hobby is to shop. And when I am a travel consult, I can shop on behalf of other people. Most of all, I love the reaction I get when I'm able to put together the perfect trip. Best job ever!
Favorite Destinations
I have a particular love for Asian culture, more specifically Japanese Culture. I love to learn about the culture and language and hope to continue to do so! So I would definitely say Japan is my favorite destination. South Korea comes in a close second.
About my most memorable vacation
Definitely when I was able to take my mom on a cruise around the Southern part of Japan and South Korea. Since she is learning Korean, and I am learning Japanese, it was a great bonding experience for us. We were able to get lost in Tokyo for several hours, learned how to use a subway, tried so many different, amazing foods, and the people we met on this trip were the best!



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