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Lauren Zelek, VTA
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Adventure Travel, Art & Culture/Music, Budget Travel, Business Travel, Camping/Hiking, Customized Travel, Great Outdoors, Leisure Travel, Lifestyle/Family/Specialty, Luxury Travel, Nature, Rail, Ski/Winter Sports, Solo Travel, Sports/Exercise
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Asia - China, Japan, Korea Mongolia, U.S. - West
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English, Japanese
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Pack and unpack your mind through travel.
About me

I spent several years living and attending an international school in Tokyo, Japan, traveling throughout Asia, and making raw, authentic connections with the locals. Since graduating college, I have not stopped.

A few serendipitous moments on board the 2015 Millennial Train Project and at the 2016 Rio Olympics inspired me to pursue becoming a travel advisor and personal guide to help people from all walks of life get closer to the global moments they are seeking and reaching for. There is so much to see and do in this world, whether it is shredding Nagano, Japan's fresh powder, dancing samba in Rio, Brazil's bustling streets, or learning about Barcelona, Spain's artistic heritage, and its time for us to start exploring as Americans.

It's my personal mission to help any traveler enhance their own cross-cultural awareness and global travels by changing the way they explore, engage and immerse in the rich depths of not just Japan...but the world.
Why I love my job
Travel inspires our mind, fills our heart with love and community, and enlightens our soul. It reminds us to always step out of our comfort zones, look at things from a different perspective, and forge new global connections. And it serve as a constant reminder to "never settle" for anything less than everything.

It is my personal mission to help any human aspiring to live their life this way, and change the way they explore, engage and immerse in the rich depths of the world.
Favorite Destinations
Since living and visiting Japan, I have found it hard to become jaded by one of Japan's most atmospheric townscapes, Takayama. With Meiji-era inns, hillside shrines and temples, busy morning markets, and a festival parade dating from the 1600s, it is an ideal place where Japanese history and tradition flourish in the 21st century. Plus, it is easy to explore on foot and is the ideal start or end point for those interested in exploring the Northern Japanese Alps.
About my most memorable vacation
In December 2018 I was in Tokyo for various travel meetings and had the opportunity to escape to the Japanese Alps to smash Nagano's world famous powder. Known for its big clear skies, snow monkeys, and hosting the 1998 Olympics, Nagano also offers scrumptious local delicacies, like Fuji apples, soba (buckwheat) noodles and oyaki dumplings. I couldn't resist their local wine, either!

Besides being a treasure trove of nature, history and culture, the people of Nagano are extremely welcoming and some the healthiest on earth. I highly recommend this Prefecture for any outdoor and health and wellness driven traveler.



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