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Reviewed on Monday, September 30, 2019 10:51:58 AM
By on Sep 30, 2019
When my wife and I wanted to plan a trip to the Canadian Rockies, we contacted Kate Driscoll of SandpiperTravel Company, and received exceptional assistance. Kate planned just the itinerary we desired, connected us with Globus, who provided excellent travel accommodations and lodging in superior hotels. They gave us an experienced naturalist guide and a consistently spotless bus with a courteous and friendly driver. Kate provided guidance at every step of the way, and produced an extremely helpful booklet covering every stage of our travels. She also arranged affordable upgrades to first class air travel. As we went from Calgary, to Lake Louise, to Jasper National Park, to Banff, we had wonderful experiences rafting on a river, walking on a glacier that is 750+ feet deep, taking a boat excursion on a long glacial lake, and a thrilling and beautiful gondola experience in Banff. The breakfasts and dinners provided were excellent. The historic lodgings were beautiful and memorable. Our traveling companions from all over the States were friendly and pleasant to be with. If you are looking for a really good travel experience, you can do no better that to contact Kate Driscoll and her Sandpiper Travel.