Josie McKinnon, VTA
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Travel Specialization
All Inclusive, Disney, Honeymoon, Leisure Travel
Destination Specialization
Australia/New Zealand, Europe - Western, France
Languages Known
English, French
ASTA Certification
Certified Leisure Travel Specialist
About me
I began traveling at an early age and grew up with a passion to explore unfamiliar places. I have visited 29 states and 21 countries, and am always looking to scratch new cities, countries, and continents off my (never-ending) bucket list.

I graduated from Elon University in 2014, which places a strong emphasis on study abroad and the value of a global education. While at Elon, I was lucky enough to live and study for a semester on the east coast of Australia. After graduation, I moved to France and spent one year living with a French family in Versailles, just outside Paris. During these periods, I wasn’t merely a tourist quickly touching on must-see sights in a short amount of time, but I was able to deeply explore these foreign cultures and discover the nooks and crannies of each city.

The best part about living in France was how easy and inexpensive it was to travel to other cities in Europe. I took full advantage of this (as well as the abundance of French vacation days!), and visited cities such as Nice, Rome, Seville, and Budapest, familiarizing myself with inter-city transportation and navigation. I believe my time spent living abroad has given me a unique outlook on traveling, and I can translate these experiences to my clients to ensure a spectacular vacation. My warm and friendly personality makes it easy for me to connect with people, and my passion for traveling reveals itself in any trip-related conversation, which gets them excited to go! I bring a fresh and knowledgeable perspective to traveling, providing my clients with practical and realistic expectations while at the same time sparking their enthusiasm.
Why I love my job
I believe that travel is the best way to learn--about yourself, about others, and about our world. By being in the business, I not only have the opportunity to travel to amazing destinations, but I also have the chance to hear how people's lives have been changed. I love working with people, and nothing makes me happier than when my clients return from an incredible adventure with smiles on their faces and amazing stories.
Favorite Destinations
France will always have a special place in my heart, but I really love traveling anywhere in Europe. The charming towns with the unique architecture, intimate shops and bakeries, and the ease of traveling from city to city is really amazing.
About my most memorable vacation
I recently traveled to Peru and hiked part of the Inca trail for 4 days! It was one of the most challenging and incredible things I've ever done. You can't beat the views of the Andes, and the Peruvian people are some of the nicest you'll meet.



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