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Adoption, Adventure Travel, All Inclusive, Beach Vacations, Business Travel, Culinary/Cooking/Gastronomy, Customized Travel, Destination Weddings, Eco-Tourism, Family Fun, Family/Multi-generational, Group Vacation, Honeymoon, Leisure Travel, Lifestyle/Family/Specialty
Destination Specialization
Asia - Southeast Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe - Eastern, Europe - Northern, Europe - Western, Greece, Latin America & Mexico, Russia, Spain, U.S. - Hawaii
Languages Known
English, Hungarian, Spanish
ASTA Certification
Dubai Destination Specialist, Puerto Rico Destination Specialist
Imagine your perfect vacation and I'll make it happen!
About me
I am originally from Europe but I have lived in the US for over a decade now. I have a passion for travel and I want to help you see the world one destination at a time. I work with couples, families and friends and customize tours for them because I understand that each person has a different style of traveling, different likes and dislikes. I build each trip with my client's specific needs in mind, I don't usually sell pre-packaged tours unless that truly suits their needs. Some of my top selling destinations for customized packages are Italy, Spain, France, Hungary and Romania. I also love a great beach vacation and happen to know some great spots to get away to. If the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, the Maldives, or the gorgeous Thai beaches are on your wish-list let me assist you in booking the right package for you. I travel several times per year to different destinations, where I attend certification courses, visit hotels and vacation properties, meet with local tourism representatives and make sure that I forge the necessary relationships to insure you'll be in great hands while you visit those destinations. I work with trusted suppliers that offer the best value for my clients and I strive to make the booking experience as well as the trip itself as memorable as it can possibly be.
Why I love my job
We live in a world where information is literally at our fingertips. Daily we are bombarded with ads, with millions of choices most of which are available to us with a click of a button. A vacation is such a personal experience, to many it is a once in a year opportunity. I'd like to assist you in making the best choice for that special trip, in making sure that everything goes as planned, and if issues may arise while traveling I want you to have the piece of mind that I'm only a phone call/email/text message away to take care of it while you continue to enjoy your time off. In this online driven world a personal touch is more important then ever, and having an advocate, a professional travel advisor with years of experience in booking your favorite destination is one of the best tools a traveler could ask for, in my opinion.

I love being in this business not just because of my personal love for traveling, but also because I see the impact a trip makes not only on those who take it, but also on the destination itself and the locals living there. Traveling, in my opinion, is one of those essential life experiences that everyone should partake. I've heard someone once explain "travel is the bridge that connects different cultures, it is the best chance of bringing the world together" and I couldn't agree more.
Favorite Destinations
There have been some amazing places I've traveled to; Costa Rica, Maldives, Dubai, Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Egypt to name a few but one that I think most fondly of would have to be Thailand. For about two weeks I've traveled to different parts of the country, trying to take in as much of their beautiful culture as possible, while enjoying the outstanding Thai hospitality. I found myself in a charming city called Chiang Mai exactly at the time they were celebrating Loi Krathong, which is one of their annual celebrations taking place on the night of the full moon, usually in November. Wherever you go the chanting of monks can be heard throughout the city, the sky is lit up by the thousands of lanterns that are being released by locals and tourists alike, and the river is overflown with beautiful flower boats. I happened to stumble into a Buddhist temple and witness one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've ever seen...A group of 100 monks, chanting and praying, their faces illuminated only by the multitude of candle lights that surrounded their carefully crafted altar...I couldn't understand what they were saying, singing, but I was overwhelmed by emotions. The night ended with everyone releasing a lantern together, each annotated with a wish or a message to someone special. It was such a spiritual experience, in a far away country, surrounded by strangers from all over the world, not understanding the language, yet sharing something so special, it made everyone feel connected and for a few minutes it made the world seem like such a tiny place. It was a wonderful night, one of those unique ones I could never forget.
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