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We Make Dreams Come True... One Vacation At A Time!
About me
Escape! Webster’s Dictionary describes the word as - “to get free of: to break away from.” I believe the word describes perfectly what an incredible vacation is all about!

As a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) with over 20 years in the industry, I strive to create magical dream escapes for all of my guests that will remove you from the stresses of today’s world and deliver you into a remarkable holiday experience! My belief is that vacations come into our lives all too rarely and, as such, it is vital to provide you with value packed, amazing, personalized travel stories and experiences where YOU are the star when your vacation time does appear!

It is with that goal in mind that I work with my guests to provide you with a customized escape that is not only value packed but is also perfectly designed to match your dreams, wishes and desires! From destination weddings, honeymoons and other romance celebration escapes to weekend getaways, family vacations or soothing health and wellness holidays imagine your perfect vacation. I’ll make it happen!
Why I love my job
In this stress filled world, I love having the opportunity to help my guests create once in a lifetime vacation memories where maximum value has been achieved and where YOU become the star in your own amazing travel story! As a travel professional I’m lucky enough to have the greatest job on earth! I make my guests happy by providing you with hassle free travel escapes around the world that allow you to create personalized travel stories with YOU as the star that will last you a lifetime.. Can you think of any better job? For me, my satisfaction comes in seeing another happy guest return from their vacation filled with positive memories of the trip they have just had. That tells me I have done my job right!
Favorite Destinations
Quite truthfully I honestly dislike this question, as everything I do is passionately geared towards you and helping you discover YOUR desires, passions… and favorite destinations! As such, for the majority of my guests reading this, this question is completely irrelevant to you. Most won’t care what MY favorite destination is! Nor should you! The real question here should be what YOUR favorite travel destinations are and why! My focus is on you! Not on myself.

That said, with that disclaimer, for those who may actually be interested I am a true "escapist" at heart. As such, I love destinations that will remove me from the everyday cares and stresses of this world and deliver me into a magical travel adventure of pure escapism. With that background on myself, I love Disney Parks (both in the USA and Japan, Hong Kong and Paris) as well as other Disney travel experiences (Disney Cruise; Adventures by Disney tours, etc.). Also, as I have seen how fitness has personally changed my own life, and am likewise personally passionate about physical sports adventures (skiing, hiking, etc), I similarly find the escape I seek in health and wellness experiences. To that end I’ve enjoyed destinations as diverse as the Swiss Alps and the Canadian Rockies to the beaches of Mexico and Hawaii (with too many places to list in between!)

The world is a fascinating place to explore and discover and the key is to find YOUR passion and then travel to the destination that will let you enjoy that passion while also experiencing the diverse culture that place represents. By doing so you will connect with the world, and its cultures, in a way that way that both enlightens you and can lead to a deeper level of world unification.

That is the type of customized travel experience I enjoy and which I strive to create for every guest with whom I am privileged to work with!
About my most memorable vacation
The real question is what does YOUR dream vacation look like! With that vision in mind be assured that I am very well traveled and, as such, I am highly capable of providing you with the exceptional, value packed, travel experience you desire – wherever in the world that may be! I look forward to helping you create that magical travel dream that will both amaze and delight you!



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By Judy Jewel, ACC, ACM on Jan 31, 2019
Excellent Experience!