North American Rail Specialist [PDF]
North American Rail Specialist [PDF]
Planning travel by rail - whether in the United States on Amtrak or the American Orient Express or in Canada on Via Rail - is a challenging task, even for an experienced travel agent. Thus, by becoming a rail specialist and marketing to specific niches (or groups) within the marketplace, you, with extensive knowledge and experience in rail travel, will have carved a unique position for yourself in the travel industry, one of the surest ways today of maintaining profitability. Learn the tricks of schedules, accommodations, route guides, travelogues, example of costs, helpful hints, book suggestions, tipping and other onboard customs, as well as online rail travel web resources, vacation packages, luxury or first class services, and specialty trains.

Topics include: Defining the rail travel marketplace, planning the rail vacation, niche marketing and sales techniques, how to plan and package rail travel, identifying operators and destinations.
Note: The testing service is no longer available.
Author: Sue Wilder, CTC
Publisher: ASTA
Format: PDF
Publishing Date: 12/09