GeoCultural Guide for Travel Advisors

GeoCultural Guide
This course is designed to provide a broad understanding of geography and culture, primarily as it applies to front-line travel advisors.

It is intended to lead you through some of the most important elements in regards to area studies of places and regions as it relates to geography and that every travel advisor should know. It also offers strategies and practical ideas for successful selling.This is the longest course that ASTA offers. The course is broken into ten sections. Each section includes: the types of clients likely to travel to that locale; weather insights; options for getting there; destination highlights; sales and marketing ideas; overcoming myths and concerns; and tips to reinforce advisor expertise and knowledge.

You will be presented with 10 research assignments, 11 quizzes, and one final exam. While you will be required to submit all assignments and take the eleven quizzes, only the final exam will be graded.

Additionally this course incorporates an internet “scavenger hunt” methodology. Just as everything you need to know about travel and geography cannot be covered in one course, not all the answers to the quizzes will be found in the course manual.
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