Gain the expertise and in-demand skills you need to enhance your business and career.

The ASTA Verified Travel Advisor® (VTA) certification program
offers self-paced online courses at an affordable price, making it easy for you to enroll and get started. Let consumers and the travel industry know that you exude unparalleled awareness, professionalism, and ethical boundaries beyond reproach. 


We recognized that most travel advisors are knowledgeable, experienced, and, mostly, quite busy with clients, so we redesigned the Verified Travel Advisor Certification program to accommodate today’s modern travel advisor. 

We've simplified the coursework, focusing on the fundamentals of ethics and professionalism, and acknowledging advisors' dedication to integrity. This program seeks to set a benchmark among reliable and responsible travel advisors, thereby enhancing consumer confidence. 

Drilling down on the most important knowledge essential for VTA, and exclusively provided by ASTA, we rebranded our essential curriculum into these four core courses:

  • Legal Insights: Protecting ASTA Member Agencies and Professionals
  • Ethical Excellence: Mastering the ASTA's Code of Ethics
  • Legal Compass: Navigating Agency
  • Regulatory Guidebook: Understanding Federal Compliance for Travel Agencies


These essential courses are carefully designed to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to establish yourself as a responsible travel advisor worthy of the consumer’s confidence. By earning your VTA certification, you’ll be able to:  

✔️ A respected certification underscoring your unique knowledge, commitment to ethical standards and practices,  
✔️ Authorized use of the respected VTA logo validating the earned trust and the individual’s professionalism travelers expect from an advisor.


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Helen Prochilo“I love that this program focuses on multiple aspects of being a travel advisor. There is so much more to this job than booking vacations. The variety of courses served as a valuable reminder of my legal and moral obligations to my clients, as well as how to make sure I am protected." 
~ Lisa Stenfort, VTA Owner/Advisor of Dreams Delivered Travel  
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Our most recent VTA Graduates

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 AdvisorCompanyEmailCompletion Date
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Ms. Eileen Maldonato, VTACladdagh Travel Company, LLC[email protected]5/13/2024900319744
Faith Ann Liuzzo-Bartholomew, VTAFAB Travel[email protected]4/18/2024900249906
Mrs. Kimberly Simpson, ECC, VTAInteletravel[email protected]4/16/2024900302927
Mr. Bryan Swain, VTABryan Swain - Dream Vacations[email protected]4/15/2024900282693
Kayla Barnhart, VTACruise Planners[email protected]4/15/2024900321993
Nanci Cairns, CTC, ACC, VTAIncanto Travel[email protected]4/15/2024900244793
Fredi Helton, CTC, CTIE, VTADallas Travel[email protected]4/10/2024900289082
Ashley Lahey, VTAAshley's World Travel[email protected]4/10/2024900332739
Etta Madden, VTAEM Tales & Trips[email protected]4/10/2024900335472
Mr. Robert Hale, CTA,CTC,DS, LS, VTATravel N Relax Inc[email protected]4/8/2024900182718

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