How to Enroll

Which Verified Travel Advisor® program should you select?

You will notice there are two different programs. Both programs require the same courses and you will earn your VTA certification. If you are an Independent Advisor member or would be joining ASTA as an individual member you select the Independent Contractor version. 

Select one program

(1) ASTA Verified Travel Advisor (VTA) 1 Certification is the primary program. 

(2) ASTA Verified Travel Advisor (VTA) 2 Certification for Independent Contractors is for ICs. 

You have accidently clicked the 'enroll' button for both programs, you can unenroll by clicking the 'view process' link for the program you want to unenroll from. Then clicking the 'cancel program enrollment' link located in the upper right side.

Select one of the two program options.
VTA programs

If you need to unenroll, click cancel program enrollment.

cancel enrollment

All individuals who enroll in the ASTA Verified Travel Advisor® certification program must be an ASTA members. If you are not a member, the cost of membership will be added to your enrollment cart price.


Starting the enrollment process

Click on the word 'Enroll' or 'View process' in the 'Action' column.  

Application and enrollment fee

Step 1 - Fill out the enrollment PDF application. You need to download the PDF application from your web browser, so you can save the PDF. 

Upload your completed application into your certification portal by clicking on the hyperlink words 'VTA Application'. Make sure you save your application with your information before uploading.

Step 2 - Pay the enrollment fee. To pay, click the hyperlink words 'VTA Enrollment Fee' and follow the prompts.

How to upload documents?

All uploads work the same way. Click the hyperlink words for the item you want to attached a document too. 

A secondary window will open. Follow the prompts to add the date and attach your file. Once attached, click 'Save'.

See more details on how to upload »

Download and fill out the application. Upload the application into your VTA portal.

Apply for VTA

Upload by clicking the hyperlink words and following the prompts.

Where to upload PDFs


When will you get your course access information?

Approximately 24 hours after your application and enrollment fee has been processed, you will receive by email the instructions to access your course work.

What is the timeframe for the program?

You should complete your course work within 12 months of your enrollment date. Then 24 months after you first enroll, you will need to enroll in the continuing education program (recertification). To keep you VTA certification active, you will need to recertify every two years thereafter. 

When will you earn your VTA?

To earn your VTA, you will need to complete as well as record the completion of the nine main VTA courses. 
ASTA Training CenterCourses are housed in ASTA's Training Center or LMS. A LMS (learning management system) is a specially designed platform for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses and training programs.

ASTA's Training Center's full URL is

This is a separate website from your VTA portal and you will need to create an account to begin your course work.

How do you indicate you have completed a requirement? (Uploading your certificate)

Upload each of your individual course certificate of completions into your personal VTA portal. You access your personal portal by clicking on the link 'View process' hyperlink. Then follow the steps shown above to upload your course certificate of completion.

See more details on how to upload »

How do you complete the program?

To earn your VTA, you will need to complete of all the necessary requirements, including obtaining approval and make sure that you have earned the minimum number of units.

An ASTA staffer will review each of the individual course certificates.
Note: Though you may take the courses in any order you like, staff can only approved the courses in the order they are listed in your VTA portal.

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