The Verified Travel Advisor® program is comprised of nine courses developed by ASTA's in-house experts and outside business and industry professionals. ASTA has drawn on the unique expertise and knowledge from this team to create a well-rounded, robust, and comprehensive program. 

Courses for Main Certification Program

  1. Advanced Public Speaking: Public speaking can help you quickly set yourself apart by demonstrating confidence. Overcome your fear or enhance your public speaking capabilities with this course full of actionable information.

  2. Ethics for Travel Advisors: ASTA advisors set the standard for consumers in the industry because its members agree to adhere to a 12-point Code of Ethics. Learn how to build trust with your clients in this course.

  3. Legal Overview for the Travel Agency Industry: Learn how to protect your agency and clients from renowned travel industry attorney, Jeff Miller, Esq. Understand legal issues surrounding charging fees, insurance, liability, taxes, and more.

  4. Marketing YOU! Promoting Your Value: Maximize your value to clients by learning how to promote your business and your value through effective marketing. By the end of the course, you'll have learned the important elements every travel professional should know, as well as the strategies and practical ideas for marketing success.

  5. Project Management and Planning for the Travel Advisor: Ever wanted to take on a significant task but didn't know where to start? With this course, you'll learn how to recognize what project management and planning are all about and how to apply the highly sought-after techniques to your business.

  6. Real-World Sales Tactics: Get the specific, tactical solutions for improving your selling and consulting skills.

  7. The Art and Science of Negotiation: Negotiation is an essential piece to a successful business that allows you to plan for best deals with travel suppliers. This course provides you the techniques and strategies that can help you in your career today!

  8. Agency Relationships and the Law: We'll make it easy to understand laws in this in-depth review of what it means to be an advisor from a legal perspective. You'll learn about the obligations you owe to your clients, your legal rights and liabilities, and more.

  9. U.S. Travel Agency Regulatory Compliance: We all make mistakes, but it doesn't have to cost you $30,000 or more in fines for every error. This course is designed to help travel advisors avoid these costly regulatory mishaps.
Taking & Recording Course Completion 

You may take the courses in any order you like. You will need to record the completion of your courses in your VTA portal.
Susan Turner
“I have been selling travel for over 20 years
and there was so much that I learned from the program. The program was focused on travel aspects other than product knowledge."  
~Ken Kimi, VTA Owner & Manager, A Touch Above Travel Services, LLC  
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Courses for Re-Certification 

To re-certificate you will need to take two courses every two years and costs $179 each time your recertify.

  1. Professional Fee - Strategies and Solutions:  Whether you call them Professional Fees, Service Fees, Planning Fees or the Travel Excellence Package, fees are a big subject! Decipher what fees are appropriate by product and service to help boost your business.

  2. Media Training - How to Get (and stay) on TV: Taught by Wendy Gillette, a television news reporter and producer for CBS News, this course will teach you the keys to success to ensure you maximize your next media opportunity.

  3. Bankruptcy Basics:  This course provides you with an overview of the bankruptcy process under the federal law of the United States under the three most common scenarios: Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13. 

  4. Finance and Accounting for Travel Agencies: This course will give you a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes to make a travel agency run smoothly. And more importantly, the key reports that can help you keep a pulse on your agency’s financial health.

  5. GeoCultural Guide for Travel AdvisorsThis course is designed to provide a broad understanding of geography and culture primarily and to lead you through some of the most important elements regarding the study of places and regions as it relates to geography that every travel advisor should know. The course also offers strategies and practical ideas for successful selling.

  6. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) for Travel Advisors:  A series of 11 lectures that provide an understanding of the role Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) plays in the travel advisor world.

  7. Top Notch Customer Service: This course will look at all types of customers and how we can serve them better and improve ourselves in the process. As a travel advisor, the product you are selling is YOU, and how you service your clients means everything to whether that client wants to keep working with you or sends all their friends, family, and coworkers to you.

  8. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Master Class: A 3-part educational course that provides a non-judgmental, anonymous and safe space to learn. Offered in partnership with the National Blacks in Travel and Tourism Collaborative, ASTA Members may take this course for a 20% savings off the $199 price. To receive the 20% off use promotional code: ASTADEI. The $159 course enrollment cost is an additional fee and is not included in your VTA recertification fee.

Courses coming in the 4th quarter of 2021 are:     
     Cybersecurity for Advisors
     Body Language Refresher 

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