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Where do I find the courses?
Your courses live in ASTA's Training Center or LMS (learning management system). Click this link to go to the ASTA Training Center/learning management system. This site requires a separate login.

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How do I view requirements for a program?
Click on the program listed in the 'Name' column above to view the requirements, the units required, and the time allowed to complete.

Where do I get my program application and pay for the program?
Click on the word 'Enroll' or 'View process' in the 'Action' column above. This link will take you to your personal certification portal for tracking your progress.

How do I indicate I completed a requirement?
Upload each of your individual course certificate of completions into your personal VTA portal. You access your personal portal by clicking on the link 'View process' in the 'Action' column above. 

How do I complete a program?
Complete of all the necessary requirements, including obtaining approval and make sure that you have earned the minimum number of units. Association staff reviews and approves your each of your program components before granting your certification.  

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